A selection of projects that are finished or ongoing:

  • Integration of interference and spoofing detection sensors into our GNSS performance monitoring system (GMCA, sponsored by GSA)
  • Design and development of data-based performance validation techniques with a focus on validation of the Galileo Integrity Concept (GIMAT)
  • Integration of SBAS performance prediction into Augur
  • Design and development of a GNSS performance monitoring system (GALSEE-DAT)
  • Development of advanced statistical techniques for GNSS validation (GALSTEEN)
  • Galileo Integrity Concept consolidation study (part of the GARMIS project) for the Galileo Joint Undertaking
  • SBAS integrity concept study on relation between range and positioning requirements and the overbounding of range and position error distributions (Eurocontrol);
  • Study into the combined use of Galileo and GPS using RAIM (Eurocontrol)
  • Collection and analysis of EGNOS data within Eurocontrol’s datacollection network, in cooperation with the Technical University of Budapest
  • Design of Eurocontrol’s RAIM performance prediction tool AUGUR for Stasys Ltd
  • Development of the Eurofix Integrity Monitor, including the design and implementation of the failure detection and exclusion algorithms. Four monitor stations have been equipped and have been in operation without interruption since November 2000
  • SBAS integrity validation study on the use of data for integrity validation (for Eurocontrol, with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam)
  • Design of Eurocontrol’s DME coverage prediction software DEMETER for Stasys Ltd.
  • Safety study on the use of GPS for basic area navigation for Eurocontrol
  • Study on future navigation systems for advanced approach procedures for the Dutch CAA
  • Study on Local Augmentation Systems (LAAS) for GNSS precision landing for the UK CAA